Road Rash (Amiga)


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Road Rash (Amiga) 

  • This is a used Amiga game that comes boxed and with the manual.
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Road Rash is a 1991 racing and vehicular combat video game originally developed and published by Electronic Arts (EA) for the Sega Genesis. It was subsequently ported to a variety of contemporary systems by differing companies. The game is centered around a series of road races throughout California that the player must win to advance to higher-difficulty races, while using a combination of fisticuffs and blunt weaponry to hinder the other racers.

Road Rash (Amiga)

Road Rash was released to critical and commercial success, and was EA’s most profitable title to date. The original version for the Sega Genesis was particularly acclaimed for its violent and aggressive gameplay and the convincing sense of speed in its graphics. The game is the debut installment of the Road Rash series, and was followed by a number of sequels made for various consoles.

The racer begins the game with $1,000 and earns cash prizes for each successful race. Between races, the player can access a bike shop and view several bikes of differing weights, speeds and steering capabilities, and the player can potentially purchase a new bike with the money they have accumulated. The player will receive a password at the end of a successful race, which can be entered at a password entry screen in a subsequent session to maintain the player’s progress;  The player will advance to the next level after winning a race on all five of the game’s tracks. The player wins the game by winning a race on each track in all five levels.

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