Yogi’s Great Escape (Amiga)


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Yogi’s Great Escape (Amiga) 

  • This is a used Amiga game that comes boxed and with the manual (On the inside of the outer cover)
  • Tested and loads ok.
  • Please see photos for the condition.

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Yogi’s Great Escape is a 1990 platform game based on the 1987 television film of the same name. It was developed by British studio PAL Developments and published by Hi-Tec Software as a budget game. It was released in Europe for AmigaAmstrad CPCAtari STCommodore 64, and ZX Spectrum.

Yogi’s Great Escape is a side-scrolling platform game in which the player takes control of Yogi Bear. In the game, Yogi learns that Jellystone Park is set to close, and its animal inhabitants will be moved to a zoo. Yogi does not like the idea of living in a zoo, so he decides to escape to New York City. Gameplay takes place across six levels: Jellystone Park, a forest, a Wild West setting, a marsh, a fun fair, and New York City.

Yogi’s Great Escape (Amiga) 

Various enemies must be avoided throughout the game, including hunters and snakes. The player also has a time limit on each level and must evade Ranger Smith, who will find Yogi if the timer runs out. If all lives are lost, the player must restart the game from the first level. Picnic baskets and toffee apples are located throughout the game, providing bonus points if they are collected. A higher number of bonus points can be earned by collecting cowboy hats, bags of money, and pieces of Yogi’s car.

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