Hong Kong Phooey (Amiga)


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Hong Kong Phooey (Amiga) 

  • This is a used Amiga game that comes boxed and with the manual (On the inside of the outer cover)
  • Tested and works.
  • Please see photos for the condition.

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It’s Hong Kong Phooey, No. 1 Super Guy! Baron Von Bankjob has escaped from jail! Who comes to the rescue? It’s Hong Kong Phooey, emerging from the sticky top drawer of his special file cabinet, with the help of trusty police station cat, Spot!

Hong Kong Phooey (Amiga)

A straightforward platform action game where you play as Hong Kong Phooey himself to help fight crime. In this game Baron Von Bankjob has escaped from jail and it is up to Hong Kong Phooey to find him. The game starts off with the trademark scene of Hong Kong Phooey jumping out of his file cabinet as seen on the animated TV show. From there on you must maneuver yourself through each of the levels full of obstacles like the Baron’s thugs, collapsing platforms, conveyor belts, oil and acid patches. Hong Kong Phooey’s health is displayed via the “Hong Kong Phooey Book of Kung Fu” meter located on the bottom left of the screen. Collect drinks to help replenish your health, unlock doors and activate switches to help advance further into the level to find Baron Von Bankjob and bring him to justice.

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