Pro Powerboat Simulator (Amiga)


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Pro Powerboat Simulator (Amiga) 

  • This is a used Amiga game that comes boxed and with the manual.
  • Tested and works, this is the EDOS version.
  • Please see photos for the condition.

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Pro Powerboat Simulator is a game that was released on a few 8-bit platforms in 1989.

Pro Powerboat Simulator is a computer game developed by Optimus Software and published by The Codemasters Software Company Limited . In the game, the player controls a powerboat . The playing field is shown from above.

Pro Powerboat Simulator is basically an action racing game where your main objective is to make it across the finish line.  You must avoid all the obstacles, continuously collect fuel to keep your boat running, and complete each course by reaching your destination.  You can use bombs to blow other boats off course, and use ramps to go over bridges if you approach them at the right speed. If you use the ramps correctly, you can also skim over other boats. This game is all about simple immediate action!

Pro Powerboat Simulator (Amiga)

These items that you need to avoid contact with can cause you to crash your boat, and also cause you to lose the game.

1. Mines
2. Helicopters that drop bombs
3. Other Boats
4. River Banks

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