Video Olympics (Atari 2600)


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Video Olympics (Atari 2600)

This is a used cartridge, no box or manual included. Please see pics for condition.

  • This hasn’t been tested as I don’t have a system to play it on.
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Video Olympics is a video game programmed by Joe Decuir for the Atari 2600. It is one of the nine 2600 launch titles Atari, Inc. published when that system was released in September 1977. The cartridge is a collection of games from Atari’s popular arcade Pong series. A similar collection in arcade machine form called Tournament Table was published by Atari in 1978.[2]

Video Olympics was rebranded by Sears as Pong Sports.

The games are a collection of bat-and-ball style games, including several previously released by Atari, Inc. as arcade games. The games use the Video Computer System’s paddle controllers, and are for one to four players (three or four players requires a second set of paddles).

Video Olympics includes 50 games and variations:[3]:30

  • Pong – The classic table tennis simulation.[4]:42
  • Super Pong – A Pong variation where each player has two paddles.[4]:42
  • Robot Pong – A solitaire Pong variation.[4]:42
  • Pong Doubles
  • Quadrapong – A four-player, four-wall Pong variation.[4]:42
  • Foozpong – Based on Foozball, this Pong variant has the players control a vertical three-paddle column.[4]:42
  • Soccer
  • Handball – A handball simulation.[4]:42
  • Ice hockey
  • Hockey III – An ice hockey simulation where players can catch and shoot the puck at the opposing goal.[4]:42
  • Basketball – A basketball simulation.[4]:42
  • Volleyball – A volleyball simulation where the traditional (Pong-style) left-right volley is swapped for a top-bottom volley. Players can volley or spike.[

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