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About Us

About Us

Escapist Gamer is a site for new and old gamers alike.

We have reviews and previews on new and retro games which includes video gaming and offline hobbies including board games and Lego etc.

We have have also started selling retro games which will include a varied amount of original games from Gameboy to Amiga that you can purchase and escape to.

Most if not all will be used versions but 99% will be tested so will be guaranteed to be working, all original versions for that true nostalgic touch.

Why Escapist Gamer?

The Internet is all about being distracted, Escapist Gamer is here to bring you the retro gaming reviews and products to you.

About Us

For the review scores we source various websites for their verdicts and give you an average out of 5 on video games and offline games.

We hope you enjoy looking around our site, we are passionate retro gaming enthusiasts, and love what we do 😍