Afterburner (Amiga)


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Afterburner (Amiga) 

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After Burner is an arcade combat flight simulator game developed and released by Sega in 1987.[4][5] The player assumes control of an American F-14 Tomcat fighter jet, and must clear each of the game’s eighteen unique stages by destroying incoming enemies, using both a machine gun and a limited supply of heat-seeking missiles. It uses a third-person perspective, previously utilized by Sega’s earlier games Out Run and Space Harrier, and runs on the Sega X arcade system. It is the fourth Sega game to use a hydraulic “taikan” simulator arcade cabinet, which is more elaborate than the earlier “taikan” simulator cabinets for Hang-On (1985), Space Harrier (1985) and Out Run (1987).

Designed by Sega veteran Yu Suzuki and the Sega AM2 division, After Burner was intended as being Sega’s first “true blockbuster” video game. Development began shortly after the completion of Out Run, and was kept as a closely guarded secret within the company. Suzuki was inspired by the films Top Gun and Laputa: Castle in the Sky; he originally planned for the game to have a steampunk aesthetic similar to Laputa, but instead went with a Top Gun look to make the game approachable for worldwide audiences. It was designed outside the company in a building named “Studio 128”, due to Sega adopting a flextime schedule to allow for games to be worked outside company headquarters.

Afterburner (Amiga) 

After Burner was acclaimed by critics for its impressive visuals, gameplay and overall presentation, and is seen as being important and influential. It was followed by a series of sequels and ports for many platforms, including the Sega Master SystemZX Spectrum and Nintendo Entertainment System. Sega also produced several successors to the game to capitalize on its success, such as G-LOC: Air BattleAfter Burner has also been referenced in many other Sega video games, such as Fighters MegamixShenmue and Bayonetta.

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