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Premier Manager 3 – Amiga

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Premier Manager 3 (also known as PM3) is a footbaPremierll management simulator video game for the Amiga and MS-DOS platforms. It was released in 1994 by Gremlin Interactive. The objective of the game is to manage a football club successfully within the top 5 divisions in the English league system, starting from the 1994-95 football season. The game was re-released a year later to include updated teams and player details for the 1995-96 football season. Gremlin also released Premier Multi-Edit System; software that allows the user to edit the statistics of football players and teams in Premier Manager 3 to their liking. Premier Manager 3 followed Premier Manager 2. There is an AGA version of Premier Manager 3 as well as a standard version for all Amigas.

Premier Manager 3 – Amiga

Premier Manager 3 is a football management video game that puts the player in charge of a football club. The player has to manage not only the team and tactics to win football matches, but also the club’s finances such as applying for bank loans, organising advertising boards and scheduling stadium improvements. The primary interface is made up of 12 main sections. These are team settings, telephone, fax machine, sponsorship, ground improvements, business case, club finances, transfer market, history, league tables, cup competitions and play the next match. From this interface the player can access all the settings necessary to manage the football club.

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Premier Manager 3 - Amiga


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