PGA European Tour (Amiga)


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PGA European Tour (Amiga)

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PGA Tour Golf is a golf video game and the first in the PGA Tour game series. It was developed by Sterling Silver Software and released in 1990, for MS-DOS. It was initially published by Electronic Arts, which subsequently released versions of the game for Sega Genesis and Amiga in 1991, followed by a version for the SNES in 1992. By 1994, Tengen had published versions for Sega’s Master System and Game Gear consoles. PGA Tour Golf received generally positive reviews for its realism, sound, and camera. Several critics considered the computer versions to be the best golf game available at the time of its release. It was followed by PGA Tour Golf II.

PGA Tour Golf features three real golf courses: PGA WestTPC Avenel, and TPC Sawgrass. It also includes a fictional fourth course, Sterling Shores.[1][2][3] Various game modes are featured, including Tournament, DrivingPutting, and Practice.[2][4] In Tournament, the player competes against a total of 60 unseen players, whose statistics are displayed on a scoreboard.[5][6] The player can watch a replay of any golf shot, and good shots are automatically replayed.[7][6] The game includes variable wind conditions which affect where the ball will land.[5][4][7]

Before starting each course, the player is given a three-dimensional view of the hole, and the camera pans from the hole to the player’s starting position.[5][8] To further aid the player, an overhead map of the course is shown before starting each hole and after each shot.[5] Upon reaching the green, the player views the area as a three-dimensional contoured grid to study the uneven terrain for better putting.[5][6] The player also receives advice from PGA golfers.[5][3][9] The Amiga and Master System versions include a multiplayer option.[5][1] A 1994 U.K. re-release of the Amiga version includes the three courses from PGA Tour Golf II, as well as three additional tournaments.

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