Golvellius Valley Of Doom (Master System)


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Golvellius Valley Of Doom (Master System)

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Maou Golvellius (魔王ゴルベリアス, lit. “Devil Golvellius”) is an action adventure video game for the Japanese MSX home computer system. It was developed by Compile and released in 1987.

Sega licensed the franchise in 1988 and released the game for the Master System (the Mark III in Japan), featuring enhanced graphics and entirely different overworld and dungeon layouts. This version was released worldwide under the name Golvellius: Valley of Doom.

Later that year (1988), Compile released yet another remake for the MSX2 system, titled Shin Maou Golvellius (真・魔王ゴルベリアス, lit. “True Devil Golvellius”). This game featured mostly the same graphics as the ones in the Sega Master System version, but the overworld and dungeon layouts are entirely different

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