Chiki Chiki Boys (Mega Drive)


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PChiki Chiki Boys (Mega Drive)

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Mega Twins, also known as Chiki Chiki Boys (チキチキボーイズChiki Chiki Bōizu) in Japan, is a side-scrolling action game released for the arcades by Capcom in 1990. It was the tenth game released for the CP System hardware.

The game features two twins who are attempting to re-take control of their land, Alurea, after a monster unexpectedly attacks, destroying everything in its path. The people of Alurea have lived in peace for a thousand years and have forgotten how to fight, yet the land’s only survivors, the twin sons of the king, must take up the challenge and return their kingdom to its former glory. The two twins, aged around 15 at the time the game takes place, venture forth in search of a legendary stone known as “Dragon Blue Eyes”, which is rumoured to be able to put everything back to rights.

The game takes the form of a scrolling platform game, with the players controlling the characters of the twins. The game can be played alone (in which case only one of the twins is present), or with two players together controlling one twin each.

Chiki Chiki Boys (Mega Drive)

In addition to moving around, the players can jump and also cling on to vertical walls, allowing them to climb to areas that would otherwise be out of reach. Each player is armed with a magic sword, which is the main weapon used against the enemies in the game. Magic bombs can also be collected as the game progresses, each of which will cause damage to all enemies on the screen when fired. Only a limited number of these bombs can be carried by the players at a time. The blue twin does more damage with his sword, while the red twin can carry more magic spells at a time.

Each player has an energy bar which is depleted each time contact is made with an enemy or projectile. When the energy reaches zero, the player loses a life.

Chests are scattered throughout the game (some of which are hidden and must be discovered), the majority of which contain coins that add point to the players’ scores, but some of them contain power ups and bonuses such as a pill that replenishes the players’ energy bars and an enhanced magic sword.

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