Judge Dredd (Game Boy)


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Judge Dredd (Game Boy)

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Judge Dredd is an action video game for the Super NESSega Genesis/Mega DriveGame Gear and Game Boy originally released in 1995. The game is based on the 1995 film Judge Dredd, which was itself an adaption of the Judge Dredd strip from 2000AD.

The game features run and gun gameplay with a variety of weapons. The player is given a choice to either execute criminals or arrest them.

Levels range from the major futuristic city known as Mega-City One, a prison in a post-nuclear wastelandruins and a showdown with the rogue Judge Rico Dredd.

In the 22nd century, everybody lives in the urban areas of the world.[3] Police officers and lawyers have been abolished and only the Judges are in complete control of human society.[3] One of them, Judge Dredd, must pursue the renegade Judge Rico and Mega-City’s most dangerous criminals. Eventually, Dredd defeats Rico and wins a final battle with the Dark Judges to rescue Mega-City.

For seven of the game’s 12 levels, the backgrounds were created by digitizing sets from the movie; the remaining five levels use backgrounds based on the comic book.

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