Four Player Adapter (Game Boy)


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Four Player Adapter (Game Boy)

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The Game Boy Four Player Adapter was designed to allow up to four players to play certain Game Boy games on the original Game Boy. The Game Boy Adapter consists of a small, gray hub with a single connector cable attached to connect to the first player’s Game Boy. The second, third, and fourth players must each use their own Game Link Cables to connect their Game Boys to each of the three link cable ports on the main hub.

Theoretically, using the proper Game Link Cables and adapters, this device is compatible with Game Boy consoles all the way up to the Game Boy Advance SP. However, the device is only compatible with a select few original Game Boy games, and will not work for Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance games on the aforementioned systems. Since Game Boy Micro is not backwards compatible with original Game Boy games, this is incompatible with it.

With the Four Player Adapter up to 4 persons can play with the same game simultaneously, with or against each other.


  • The selected game must have a 4-player mode.
  • Each player must insert a copy of the same game.
  • The corresponding number of connecting cables must be available.
  • The Four Player Adapter features only the large connecting sockets of the original Game Boy.
  • When handling it is important that the person to whom the adapter is directly connected always starts the game.

Great Game Boy game – Super Mario Land (Game Boy)

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